You Have Done Well

Today I felt like I needed to remind myself of all the good I have done in the past. I needed to remind myself of my kindness and good heart. I needed to remind myself of the special place I hold in the hearts of those who love me. I might not feel like this… Continue reading You Have Done Well

My Words

Burning Bridges

As a young professional I was very intentional with building my network. I strongly believe I am not an island and I needed to build a community with people who will support me and celebrate my victories as I would do them. I was very mindful about building a network and I tried very hard… Continue reading Burning Bridges

My Words

Guilt and Anxieties

I have been suffering from paralyzing anxieties the past month, it has come to a point where it started showing itself in my physical health. Yet again I found myself walking around like a zombie and turning to food for some comfort that is not really comfort but that is the only thing I know… Continue reading Guilt and Anxieties

My Words

Inner Voice

I believe we all have that soft inner voice that speaks so much wisdom within us every single day. With some people it very loud and clear while others might not hear it at all. I was one of those who thought my inner wisdom has forsaken me and left me to fend for myself.… Continue reading Inner Voice