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TheCuriousGemini New Home

Hello Everyone We have finally moved after a few months of back and forth. For all the latest post please go to TheCuriousGemini. Hope you see all of you on the other side and thank you for reading my blog šŸ™‚ Advertisements

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Coming Soon

Hello Everyone I have not posted in a few weeks because it has been a hectic few weeks. I just came home from attending theĀ Young African Leaders InitiativeĀ (YALI) program in South Africa which was a great learning experience. I learned so much about myself and cannot wait to share it in my future posts. Lastly,… Continue reading Coming Soon

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Recognize Your Lane

  Did you ever observeĀ that the only time you are behind is when someone else is in front of you. As a runner I find that I don’t like running behind someone else. It is just natural for you to start running faster to catch up and that means you are not going at your… Continue reading Recognize Your Lane


Don’t Lose Faith

An elephant and a dog became pregnant at the same time. Three months down the line the dog gave birth to six puppies. Six months later the dog was pregnant again, and nine months on it gave birth to another dozen puppies. The pattern continued. On the eighteenth month the dog approached the elephant questioning,… Continue reading Don’t Lose Faith