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I have not been posting on my blog for some time because I have been in what I can only call as a funk. This funk is so deep that even the sight of motivational quotes has not moved me in weeks.

I spoke to a good friend about the state I am in because I just needed  to talk about it and seek help. She told me something I already knew but had just forgotten. I am a perfectionist, something that is a strength but can also become a weakness. So the first few weeks of 2017 I have been putting so much pressure on myself with work and other goals that I just forgot to live… For a moment I forgot to breathe, I have been walking around with my breath held as if I was frightened, frightened by figments of my own scary imagination. When I forget to acknowledge my breath (living in the moment) its a sign that I am on the wrong path. So here I am frightened and fearful of non existing elements, stressed out and having nightmares at night. All of this is happening at a time that so much good is happening around me, so much to be grateful and I should be celebrating all of that. I should be walking with a little jump in my step for someone who is preparing to attend the  Young African Leaders’ Initiative Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa Programme (YALI) which is a great honor.

This is a great time funk or no funk I will learn to breathe again


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