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Small Victories

celebrate-your-small-victories-thecuriousgeminiEvery morning at 4 am my sister and I go for our morning jog not too far from our home. We usually run about 3.6 km before we make our way to the gym. We decided that for the month of December we would run and not go to the gym. In my head one of the goals I had was to run 5 km everyday, on paper that looked very easy but I just struggled to even finish the 3 km until yesterday, for some miraculous reason yesterday I ran more then 5 km. My legs just kept on going, the little voice in my head that usually comes up with a million reasons as to why I cant go any further was mute for the first time so I took advantage of that and ran like my life depended on it. The only reason I could not do this before was because I was my own detractor instead being my own cheerleader, but not during my run yesterday, no, yesterday as much as I was the one doing the running a second me was besides the road cheering with pom poms and confetti (yes confetti).

What small victories have you celebrated recently?



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