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Everybody Is Winging It


I have always been so hard on myself because as a perfectionist if I don’t complete a task perfectly I felt like I have let myself down. You can imagine how exhausting that can be because not everything will be perfect all the time and that is such a huge burden to put on yourself. This bad habit of mine has caused me to procrastinate on  starting tasks and even abandoning other tasks because half way through I would feel like I was not doing it good enough.

For some reason I am forced to confront this character trait about myself now that I am getting older because before it was so easy to cover them.  I could definitely not face them at school because I didn’t have to do so much so the little (tests and exams) I had to do I excelled at. Now here I am, adulting and realizing that there is so much in this world. One good example is that of my job, even though I am a trained Environmentalist, I am expected to carry out tasks that I have no idea about. The worst thing you can do for a perfectionist is to give them a task that they have little or no background knowledge in, that will end up in a very messy situation. That is me most of the time at work…..

Today I had an epiphany: I realized that not everyone has their stuff together after all.


I learned that there is no way I will know everything all the time and that is fine, everyone else is winging it anyway.


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