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Rule Breaker

why-fit-in-when-you-were-born-to-stand-out-dr-seuss-rule-breaker-thecuriousgeminiYesterday I had an appointment with a bank consultant. Part of the application process included completing a balance sheet with my assets and liabilities. She was filling in the questionnaire this is how the Q&A went:

Bank Consultant: Please list all your assets for me?

Me: I have XYZ and ABC

Bank Consultant: Any furniture?

Me: No

Bank Consultant: I see you are paying for some furniture here (pointing on the screen)

Me : That is for my parents

Bank Consultant: Not even a bed

Me: No

Bank Consultant: (Almost falls off her chair) (that is not what really happened)

This right here is a classic case of how one is ‘expected’ to have/do certain things in life. This bank consultant didn’t realize it but she was projecting the same thing onto me. It might be shocking that I do not own furniture at my age but little does she know that I travel at least once a year outside the country ¬†instead of spending my money on furniture. The whole experience reminded me that I am glad most of the time the rebel in me comes out and does not follow the crowd instead it does whatever it desires. This was something I was pretty embarrassed about before, I thought something was wrong with me because I always wanted to do my own thing and I guess that is why I never belonged to a girl squad in High School because secretly I was a rule breaker and I loved it.


So cheers to all rebels and society rule breakers.



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