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Protect Thy Mind


I use to be that person who would take things so personal that when someone says something unpleasant I would ponder on those words for days. Those were my exhausting days. I would literary meditate on the person’s poison until it became my reality.  As you can imagine it can be very draining and yes I was extremely unhappy. I don’t know were I picked up such a draining habit but this was my life for years until I read Don Ruiz Miguel’s The Four Agreements and Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind.

Guard and protect yourself from anything that is not uplifting, positive or peaceful.

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I learned to stop taking things personal and to stop internalizing other people’s poison (words).  I learned that what other people say or act towards me has nothing to do with me, and I have to protect my mind from external factors that are not there to uplift me, bring me joy or leave me with peace of mind.


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