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2015 Taught Me

2015 Taught Me

All actions don’t deserve my reaction.

I was the type of person that would find out the why in every situation until I am satisfied, I have found that this shouldn’t be the case. It’s fine to sometimes just sit some arguments out.

Loyalty is important in every relationship.

Earlier in the year I started a new job, this was a workplace with a very young workforce. One thing I have observed from the interactions was how important it is to have loyal friends and its importance in any relationship, if there is no loyalty forget about trust and you can miss me with that relationship.

Shyness is a form of pride.

After a conversation with my mentor about how I was having difficulty letting my voice be heard during meetings, she told me that I need to know that shyness is a form of pride. I would never think of myself as a proud person my own name means humble and after thinking about it I realized my inability to speak up during meetings and not looking my co-workers in the eye was me being proud and my ego feeling like I was better.

 I am a Multipotentialite.

The first time I listened to this TED Talk I felt like jumping out of my chair and screaming FINALLY!! (Unfortunately I work in an open plan office). For the first time I realized there are people out there who have multiple interests, who get bored by routine and it was fine. Yes I want to be a Green PR Specialist who helps government draft environmental policies while helping organizations reduce their energy consumption and help them with their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy with past time interests that include running marathons, cycling, coding, sewing, cross fit and gardening (I know that is a mouth full).

I will never regret paying myself first.

I have always been a saver, even when I was a student I would save for a rainy day because my father emphasized this all my life. This year I decided to diversify my investment portfolio, build my emergency fund, set and save up for short term goals (visit Dublin in September).

My relationship with God is a personal one.

Growing up I went to church because the whole family went. When I stayed alone in Pretoria, I loved the church I went to and got to study the Word with a good friend. However,Sunday’s when I called home one of the questions my mum would ask was if I had gone to church (like any Christian mother would) and my answer would be yes. This year after moving back home church again was ‘’mandatory’’ because that’s what you do on Sunday. Towards the end of the year I decided to stop going to church, instead build my relationship with God through Jesus Christ. And not just go to church because it’s what one does on a Sunday. What is the point of having a one day per week relationship with God?

To stop being afraid of being creative.

I always thought the perfect painters, sewers and singers – ‘the artsy people” were the only people allowed to be creative. I asked myself, what right do I have to create? What a wrong perception! So I went out and got myself a sewing machine and I am learning to sew with the help of my wonderful instructor. I have also created most of the images I use on my blog and it feels good.

We all need a hand sometimes 

Earlier this year I sought out a mentor, someone I looked up to and I felt I could learn so much from her. Mentoring is something I wish more young professionals would take part in, I am now making it a point to identify mentors in my life and to date I have realised I have a few more mentors who are helping me navigate my way through this journey called life. A helpful hand is always a pleasure to have around.

 Aloofness and mystery can be attractive to some but it makes others uncomfortable.

I can be aloof at times and I have realized it makes some people quite uncomfortable, why I don’t know……. This meant that when I get to work I switch off the aloofness and turn on the sociable me.

Setting boundaries is important

For an introvert I can be quite a blabber mouth sometimes. So I had to learn the hard way that I need to discern the types of conversations I have with different people.

2015 was my year of PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION and I can look back and be proud of the baby steps I took 🙂 And I have decided that my intention for 2016 is to TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH.

Lastly I would like to thank everyone who took time to read, comment, share and like my blog posts in 2015.  It really means a lot  to me 🙂 Wishing you all Health, Wealth, Success, & Happiness.

 Stay Curious


6 thoughts on “2015 Taught Me

  1. I absolutely LOVE this post. I don’t know which point I liked the best. But I’ll comment on one that hits home for me. I have written before about church attendance. I agree. To go to church just because you’re “supposed to” is not a good reason to attend church. Sometimes I skip, too. Usually I’m there. But I have up feeling guilty about it a long time ago. 🙂 And I like the first point. Every action DOESN’t deserve a reaction and we don’t have to get caught up in anyone else’s drama either. You have a lot of insight for such a young woman. God bless and Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rebecca

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I finally went to back to church last weekend and I enjoyed it so much, I have never experienced it that way before 🙂
      Have a blessed 2016


    1. Hi Nashilongo 🙂
      For someone who has never been to Ireland and just feel in love with it through the books I have read, I am so excited about my trip. If I may ask, which time of the year did you visit?


      1. I visited in November. Early November to be precise. On the onset it feels like general Europe but Ireland is that and more. Warm and intimate. It was drizzling daily and was preparing for snow obviously. Was however not too cold that time.


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