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Beautiful Bugs From My Past – Childhood Memories

Red Velvet Mite Namibia 1 TheCuriousGemini Red Velvet Mite TheCuriousGemini Red Velvet Mite Namibia TheCuriousGemini Red Velvet Mite Namibia 2 TheCuriousGemini

I must say I had the most amazing childhood. The little I remember is made up of nothing but time playing outside. Unlike today’s kids who spend their time indoors watching Maddy from Dance Mom or Idols, my sisters and I would be outside during the day and my parents had a hard time getting us indoors, such great times. One of the fondest memories was building sand castles after it had just rained and collecting little bugs that were running on the surface after their long hibernation. One particular bug was a beautiful red velvet bug, in my native language we called them Rain Cows (direct translation) and it was believed that their appearance was a prediction of good rains to come. For a little child that was quite an interesting name and it just made sense because this bug’s really looked special. We would usually collect them then let them go after playtime was over.

After experiencing a few months of drought and late rainfall in my area, the heavens finally opened up and it has been raining on and off for the past few days. I was overjoyed to discover this amazing bug from my past, the last time I saw one was about 17 years ago. After reading up on them I discovered that are actually called Red Velvet Mites from the family Trombidiidae. This cute bugs don’t bite or sting and they play an important role in the environment as they stimulate the decomposition role. As an environmentalist I just love them even more. I could not help myself but take a few pictures to show my little nieces who I am sure will be blown away  by their beauty.

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