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Being true to yourself can be hard

You Can Lie To Everyone Else But You Can Never Really Lie To Yourself (1)


As I am getting older and trying to unlearn some of the things I thought were true while growing up I have found that some of these mindsets are not so simple to change. The motivational quotes make it all sound so easy and simple.

To thine self be true

The past week I was faced with a situation where I had to choose between being true to myself or ignoring that little voice in my head and continuing on the path I was on already. After pondering on my options I decided to be true to myself which meant cutting ties with certain people. My decision meant no one would get hurt in the long run, short term pain yes, maybe, but it is the kind of temporary pain someone can easily get over in a matter of weeks. I stayed true to myself, I satisfied the little voice in my head, but then why do I still feel bad about my decision, why is there another little voice telling me to take the easy way out and that I take life way too serious and should chill instead?

I guess its better to strive through the struggle of being true to one self rather than lying to one self and hiding in the darkness because in the end you can only lie to yourself for so long…..


3 thoughts on “Being true to yourself can be hard

  1. I find that if we look into our core. Really learn who we are, it is easy to see who and what Life is bringing both into, and out of our lives. The Universe conspires to lead us to the lessons and growth necessary to sing our greatest song. We need only really listen. Great article!!

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    1. Hi Robert, thank you for that I couldn’t agree more with what you just wrote. I am slowly but surely striving to unlearn so much and reveal my core self, it’s a journey I promised myself to take and I am learning so much. Thank you for your words of widsom

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