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A Greater Purpose

A Greater Purpose

The past few weeks I have been feeling stuck in my career. I have always been one that lost interest in things very quick and so when I find myself in an environment that does not challenge me I get bored and I become mediocre. I felt like I needed to move, get another job move to the city as there are more opportunities and I could focus on my side hustles while still having my full time job, I focused on this for so long it turned into my obsession and I become quite unhappy.

While going through my IG feed I stumble on an article and what stood out for my was this line: I felt stuck, but knowing I have a greater purpose. I could finally explain why I was so unhappy, I am a very ambitious young lady and I felt if I stayed where I am right now I would not reach my goals not realizing that this is just a pit stop for me on my way to where I am destined to be. This realization lifted such a heavy load off my shoulders that was affecting me is such a negative way.

As I started the week, I am re-energized, focused and hopeful again that everything will be fine, I will learn as much as possible where I am so I am better equiped for the next chapter in my life.



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