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Lesson Learned: Finding joy outside the comfort zone

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This week was a pretty hectic week, the beginning of the week left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. This I only realised today was my own doing, I will admit I was complaining so much about doing tasks at work that are not in my job description. I cant believe I wasted 3/4 days being so negative, this wins the award for the biggest waste of time 2015.

So I found myself having to ask for quotes for items, looking for the best prices and communicating with suppliers/couriers to ensure that we get the right products at the right prices. Monday 28 September I saw this activities as a drag and waste of my time, I felt I had better things to do then this. Fast forward Friday 2 October, I just realised I enjoy the fast paced environment of being a small time ”buyer” (I am an Environmentalist by profession) as an introvert I have found that I love interacting with people, for the first time I was not afraid or shy to let my voice and needs be heard and that brought me so much joy.

Lesson Learned: Stepping out of my comfort zone was uncomfortable but I learned a quality about myself that I didn’t know I had.

Happy Weekend


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