Your Authentic Self


Towards the end of the month of July I found myself annoyed by every little thing. I would snap at people around me and I must admit if I was not me I would like to be around me. The entire time at the back of my mind one question kept popping up: What Is Your Authentic Self?

A few years ago I read The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz Miguel, this book helped to identify my authentic self. That person person is kind, humble and compassionate. I sometimes forget this and get caught up in the world. As a new month begins I am glad I am back to my centre again.
How would you describe your authentic self?



3 thoughts on “Your Authentic Self

  1. I read this Book more than 5 years ago, I cant say i have completely grasped the agreements, didn’t have a life changing “aaha” experience. LOL. But i have a friend that swears by it. Its sort of her 2nd bible. Need to read it again now that im older and hopefully wiser.:)


  2. I love this, I have never read the book but have been feeling this way myself in the last month and for me I know it is because I have not been as centered in myself and as meditative. I too hope to change this in the coming month. Good luck!

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