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I Am Fine


I get this question at least once a week and if I am lucky you can just double that number. I think I should change my name to Lapaka ‘Are You Fine?’ K so I won’t be so surprised every time someone asks me if I am Fine.

Here is some background, I am an introvert, not extreme, I can still play with other kids, however, every now and then I need some alone time to recharge. A few years ago I realized that I was afraid of just being quiet and being by myself mentality. I always thought silence was a sign of bad manners. I have since learned to enjoy my quiet moments. I can be in a room full of people and detach myself from everything they are saying, I shut it all out. Once I feel I have recharged enough I will catch up on a conversation, that’s just me and it works for me. I have however learned my silence make some people really uncomfortable especially the extrovert around me who feel the need to constantly chat about everything, as much as this brings them joy, from my side it exhausts me so much. During my sister’s wedding 3 months ago (FYI: African weddings are big and load) I found myself going into my parents room (the only private and off limit room in the house) to just spend some time on my own then emerge to entertain the guests, every single time I went in I would find my dad there also just quiet, so I got it for my daddy.

And the answer to that question: Yes I am fine, my silence doesn’t mean I am sick, unhappy, rude, anti-social or angry. I need this moments of solitude a few times a day to actually get through the day. Thank you for asking.


10 thoughts on “I Am Fine

    1. I love what you said: “love it when they Go Away and Leave Me Alone”. I am like that as well, I can only take small doses of people’s company πŸ™‚
      Thank you for reading my blog.


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