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Playground or Office…? Happy Anniversary to Me


July marks my one year anniversary as a full time employee. I can proudly say I have one year experience in the Environmental field, this goes a long way as I have found that looking for a job as a graduate can be hard. My father always told me that all you need is your first job, that first job will ‘attract’ other job offers ( the same as when you are single you don’t get so many suitors. However, when you are in a relationship, all of a sudden you are attractive to so many people). While in school I never really pictured myself waking up at 4 am to get ready to go to work every morning but I had no other alternative ‘vision’ but I knew I had to finish school and enter the ‘big people’s world’ (side note: growing up is a trap by the way). Here I am one year later in the ‘big people’s world’ of employment and I must say it looks exactly like a Primary School playground. The same kids you played with in the playground are the same ones you find in the workplace.

The Office Bully: this co-worker picks on one of the ‘weak’ workers and gets away with it. The bullying is just to make themselves relevant and cover up for some inadequacy they feel about their work and themselves. CLASS BULLY.

The Egotistical Co-worker: the co-worker who feels his word is the beginning and the end. This co-worker doesn’t have time to wait on your feedback, when he asks for something, he expects it to placed on his table in nano-seconds otherwise all hell will break lose. SPOILED BRAT ON THE PLAYGROUNDS

The Geeky Co-worker: This co-worker doesn’t interact with the rest of the team because they feel their level of intelligence in above everyone in the office. THE GEEK OF THE CLASS

The Clueless Co-worker: this co-worker just got the job because they are the sibling of the boss’s second cousin on his father’s side (nepotism). This co-worker has no idea what is going on in the company, he is saved by his competent colleagues. CLUELESS CHILD IN CLASS

The Overconfident Co-worker: this co-worker has answers to everything because he has spent a few years abroad. This co-worker doesn’t mingle with the ‘less exposed’ workers. THAT CHILD WHO GOES ON HOLIDAYS ABROAD EVERY BREAK AND HAS A MILLION STORIES TO TELL WHEN HE SEES FIT.

The Gossipmonger: that co-worker who has the juiciest gossip in the office. They are up-to-date with the latest romance news and know who is planning to leave the company and why. You would swear this co-worker is the ‘queen fly’ that has recruited all the flies that are on walls during confidential meetings. How else does she get her information? THE BUSYBODY OF THE CLASS

The Introverted Co-worker: this co-worker must have a handbook filled with excuses as to why they can’t attend the office party/gathering. There is always an excuse. This co-worker doesn’t say much about themselves and they are classified as weird and odd by others. THE RESERVED CHILD

The Overcompensating Co-worker: this co-worker who goes above and beyond to get work done, when a task requires 76% of effort, a hard worker and committed worker would give 110% this worker gives 201%, because they feel dispensable due to their lack of qualifications. THE OVERPERFORMER

The Invisible Co-worker: the co-worker you rarely see and never hear from. This co-worker doesn’t say much, this is the same co-worker you sometimes leave behind because he was late for the bus but nobody noticed that he was not on the bus. THE INVISIBLE CHILD.

The Flirtatious Co-worker: that co-worker who makes inappropriate comments that are bordering on sexual harassment. This co-worker thinks such remarks are compliments not harassment. THAT MAN IN A LITTLE CHILD’S BODY

The Helpful Co-worker: the co-worker who is usually the one who welcomes you to the office when you are a newbie, they are always warm and caring. This co-worker enquires about the progress of your ill grandmother and she is the first person you go to when you feel a headache coming on because she always has painkillers and a snack at hand for to curb any low blood sugar you might experience during office hours. THE KIND & CARING CHILD

I guess the more things change, the more they remain the same. Happy 1 year Anniversary to me, glad my first year in Primary School has been exciting, hoping for many more years of this. Hopefully soon I will be head honcho of my own playground.


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