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Snooping: My bad habit


As you might have guessed from the title of my blog I am a gemini and i get bored easily,  with this trait I was blessed with a very curious mind. Growing up I was very shy and reserved, I hardly spoke because my mouth was already filled with my thumb (I sucked my thumb till I was about 10 years old) and that kept me busy enough (how I miss those days……). While I had my thumb in my mouth, my big eyes were wide open always looking and observing, orchestrating a plan of things I am suppose to search for, that was the birth of my love of snooping. It didn’t help that my mother loved hiding items in the main bedroom plus she hardly remembered where she placed any of it, so that also added fuel to this love. 

When my thumb was not in my mouth I would venture into my parents room and aimlessly search through everything, it just brought me so much joy (creepy I know, but allow), most of the time I would not take anything from the room, I usually just search and put everything back in its place and then wait for my next ‘treasure hunt’. Some days I would find coins under the bed (yes I would search under the bed too) that meant my labour was fruitful on that day. All my snooping was limited to my parents room, I guess this was because we hardly went to other people’s houses so I didn’t get a chance to venture into new territory. When I was about 16 years old I went to visit my sister who lived in another town, she had a roommate who had a room that got me so excited. I know I shouldn’t be writing this but I am sure there is a statue of limitation as this happened 10  years ago. When my sister and her roommate went to work I would snoop in her room for hours, I did this for a couple of days until she suspected that I spend time in her room which I denied and never went back again. 

Since then I have snooped a few times but as I get older I have learned not to go through every cupboard or drawer I see because some places are just too sacred and somethings you just can’t unsee, I discern. however, just becuase I won’t look in your drawer doesn’t mean I won’t look under your bed, my snooping is innocent and to this day it still feels like a treasure hunt, so next time you invite me to your place, please don’t tempt me by leaving me alone in any of your rooms unless if you have misplaced something that you want me to find for you.

Do you love snooping too? Share your snooping stories in the comment section, I would love to hear from you😀



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