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Don’t try to be useful

I read The Alchemist more then 6 years ago and it is on my all time favorite book list. Reading The Alchemist made me fall in love with Paulo Coelho’s work and reading all his books is on my bucket list, Paulo has a way of writing that leaves you rejuvenated and empowered that you have this ability to make the impossible possible. Below is an excerpt from his book “Manuscript found in Accra” first published on his blog, this words made me feel good today and I hope they will do the same for you. For someone who sometimes struggles with self-doubt at the end of the day I don’t need to be useful, I just need to be me and that is enough. 


Ask a flower in the field: ‘Do you feel useful? After all, you do nothing but produce the same flowers over and over?’
And the flower will answer: ‘I am beautiful, and beauty is my reason for living.’

Ask the river: ‘Do you feel useful, given that all you do is to keep flowing in the same direction?’
And the river will answer: ‘I’m not trying to be useful, I’m trying to be a river.’

Nothing in this world is useless in the eyes of God. Not a leaf from a tree falls, not a hair from your head, not even an insect dies because it was of no use. Everything has a reason to exist.

Even you, the person asking the question. ‘I’m useless’ is the answer you give yourself.

Soon that answer will poison you and you will die while still alive, even though you still walk, eat, sleep and try to have a little fun whenever possible. Don’t try to be useful. Try to be yourself: that is enough, and that makes all the difference.


Do you sometimes wonder whether you are useful at all? Share your stories in the comment section and lets chat……:)


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