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Believing In Your Dreams

Believe in your dreams

I came across this video last year and I was hooked. The reason I cannot get enough of Klein Kimmie is because I love her attitude towards life and her dream of becoming a rapper. Here are the 5 things I learned from this video:


1. Just show up, things will not always go your way in life, however, we need to show up and be present in that place we are while we wait to get where we need to be.

2. Just because your dream has not materialized yet, that does not mean you have to give up on it. Every single day do something that will get you closer to your dream. Master your craft.

3. Never listen to naysayers, they are just there to stomp on your dreams. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

4.  If you want something bad enough, you will achieve it (this is my personal motto and it has worked for me so many times).

5. Have a positive attitude towards yourself. Speak only words of victory into your life.



5 thoughts on “Believing In Your Dreams

    1. Thank you Tania for reading my post. I think sometimes we wait for others to speak words of victory in our lives which is not right. We need to be our number 1 cheerleaders.


  1. Great takeaway points. I think we have so many people who are looking for instant success and gratification that they are too quick to give up on their dreams when the going gets tough. We can all be successful in our own rights, but it just all comes down to how bad you’re willing work to get it and staying positive along the journey. Visiting from SITS.

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