You Have Done Well

Today I felt like I needed to remind myself of all the good I have done in the past. I needed to remind myself of my kindness and good heart. I needed to remind myself of the special place I hold in the hearts of those who love me. I might not feel like this… Continue reading You Have Done Well

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What Is Enough

I have been struggling with the question about being enough for a few weeks now and seeing as I am a thinker I tried to get to the root of the meaning of the expression: I Am Enough. What does it even mean? Enough for who, what? When I complete a task what is enough?… Continue reading What Is Enough

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Own It

The only item I have ever felt like I owned in my life was a puzzle my dad got me when I was about 10 years old. I would play with it and put it back it in the storage plastic bag. I loved that puzzle so much I never allowed anyone to touch it.… Continue reading Own It

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Chronicles of a Recovering People Pleaser: Triggers

I got my first major anxiety attack in 2012/2013. I was coming from school at around 3 am after spending the entire time in the lab. I remember leaving the building and blacking out. I felt a wave of emotion came over me and my heart started racing. In that moment I felt so alone… Continue reading Chronicles of a Recovering People Pleaser: Triggers

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Burning Bridges

As a young professional I was very intentional with building my network. I strongly believe I am not an island and I needed to build a community with people who will support me and celebrate my victories as I would do them. I was very mindful about building a network and I tried very hard… Continue reading Burning Bridges

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Guilt and Anxieties

I have been suffering from paralyzing anxieties the past month, it has come to a point where it started showing itself in my physical health. Yet again I found myself walking around like a zombie and turning to food for some comfort that is not really comfort but that is the only thing I know… Continue reading Guilt and Anxieties